Social activities


The founder of Periparus has done a lot of social activities projects and you can see some below:

Volunteer Activity in Red Crescent

Ramin Paknejad, founder of Priparus; Has been volunteering in the Red Crescent Society since 1999. He has completed first aid courses and specialized rescue courses. Ramin, with his other volunteer friends, has helped the Iranian people in many incidents, including earthquakes, storms, floods, and road accidents.

Volunteer Activity in White Cane NGO

The White Cane Institute (in Persian: Asa-e Sefid) is the largest NGO for the protection of blind people in Iran. Ramin Paknejad worked as a volunteer in it for 3 years. He taught blind people how to use a white cane to move safely and find the right path.

One Less Car

ONE LESS CAR! for the first time, this slogan was used by Ramin Paknejad in Iran. He traveled several times by bicycle, alone or accompanied by his friend around Iran to promote cycling and help protect the environment. Of course, they will continue this activity.

Cycling for Peace

“Peace” is one of the oldest dreams of most people. Unfortunately, there are many wars in many countries. Every year, many volunteers perform a variety of symbolic activities to express this great desire.
In 2014, Ramin Paknejad and Abbas Razzaghi performed a “Cycling for Peace” project. They rode bicycles for a hundred days on the Tehran-Istanbul-Tehran route (5900 km). Ramin and Abbas collected many signatures on the five-meter cloth scroll for peace wishing.